"All That I Can Stand should be the first song in your album. It is your business card!" -- Sandro Haick, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Educator.

Artist Statement

Those who came before me were the first ones to introduce me to the understanding of the true meaning of art. Since my early days, I was lucky to have received a good education, always being exposed to some form of art. Some paintings and sculptures would leave me mesmerized, while works of literature and music would move me in so many ways. I always felt I wanted to do that, to create things, to be an artist. As an artist, I seek to find ways of expressing myself. I revisit my feelings, thoughts, hopes, and aspirations so that I can touch people's souls, just as music has touched mine. I want to be a healing force, a force for peace, a bringer of hope. I want to talk about subjects that matter. I want to talk about people and people's lives because, to me, people are fascinating. I want to help people to laugh and cry - to help people become their better selves. I believe a work of true artistic expression is worth keeping and must continue. And so I also want to help others to become the best artists they can be, so others can enjoy the blessings that come out of their works of art. I am determined, resolved to be the best storyteller I can be, be it through words or audio-visual or altogether.

Throughout most of my life, music has carried special meaning to me.

It was there through my hard times, happy times, sad times, desperate times, joyful times, peaceful times, healing times. It has always moved me in one way or another. I have had much joy, and I've seen and experienced much pain in my life, and each time, music has had a profound effect and played a big part in it. Music has helped me when no words would, and nobody could. When I was happy and joyful, music was the soundtrack to those moments. At times, when I hurt, was lonely, or missing a departed one, listening to soulful songs helped heal my broken heart. It allowed a venue where I could channel my feelings and help get it out of my system and over it. I also believe there are many lessons in history to be learned, and that we should always try and remember. I remember the ones that sacrificed everything so that we could be. I believe people can heal through love and empathy. Artistically talking about these issues can invite feelings of love and empathy. I think of all of that to the point that those feelings are almost second nature to me. It is like I've transported to that very moment in time, and that I'm living and experiencing it in real-time. I invite and allow for it to happen when I am composing or writing the lyrics to a melody, or even taking a lead that reflects it. I support emotional composing because I believe there has to be a passion for everything involved in the process of what I'm doing. Every vibrato, long notes, and playing attitude has to stay true to the message I'm trying to convey and the feeling I'm experiencing at the moment of execution.

I put all my love and all my soul into my art. I'm not satisfied until I have done nothing but my very best. I'll do that by perfecting my musicianship and my songwriting to create exciting and soulful art, and by taking some part in keeping the art alive. I'm currently working on attempting to release an album where I'm exploring Modern Blues and Blues Rock, with a couple of ballads or more Jazzy Blues. I want to pay homage to those that came before me by inviting them to play and record on my album. This bit is proving to be the most challenging part of my current project.


Mauricio Bernini, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Artist Profile

Mauricio is an electric guitar player and songwriter, mostly self-taught, and has been playing electric guitar since his youth. His art, music, lyrics, and playing attitude have been heavily influenced by Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Albert Collins, Walter Trout, David Gilmour, and Carlos Santana.


Reached #1 in the ReverbNation Blues Charts for Sao Paulo, Brazil (2018): http://bit.ly/2skZ7qi

Played with "Marius", an underground band from Eagan, Twin Cities, Minnesota (2005).

Performed in Tampa, FL with Tommy McCracken, leader of the Force of Habit Band from Chicago (1997): http://bit.ly/howbluecanyouget

Performed in jam sessions in the Buddy Guy's Legends and other stages in the Chicago Blues scene (1997).

Performed weekly in a club in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Early 1990s).

Original Songs and Recording Sessions

Here are a few songs to help showcase Mauricio Bernini's musical identity:

I’ll find a way: This is the initial result of a songwriting collaboration between Mauricio Bernini and Rob Lamothe (of the Riverdogs, a 90's rock band): https://youtu.be/vZlLKMxGP3o

Crossing Lines: https://soundcloud.com/mauriciobernini/crossing-lines

Thrillin’ With A Passion: https://soundcloud.com/mauriciobernini/thrillin-with-a-passion-ii

No matter what: Composed, arranged, and produced by Fernando Bernini Pereira, Mauricio's brother. Mauricio recorded the lead guitar on this version: https://soundcloud.com/mauriciobernini/no-matter-what/s-jR1rX

All that I can stand: This is a jazz-inspired slow-blues ballad. Mauricio Bernini's original composition, and lead guitar: https://youtu.be/ecMckd8TYrM

Recording Studio experience

Extensive experience as a Professional IT System Administrator and a Technical Support Engineer for Computer Systems and Audio DAW applications running on Mac, Linux, PC, including maintenance, performance tuning, software, and hardware upgrades: https://linkedin.com/in/mauricioberninipereira

Most used Music and Video Production Applications: Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro.

Video Editing sample: https://youtu.be/uqIrOnQkT7I

Teaching experience

Experienced IT Teacher and former High School IT Teacher. Technical Course Developer. Technical Writer.

Education and Honors

• Berklee College of Music: Bachelor of Arts in Guitar Performance (’20-‘25) Core GPA: 3.81. Overall GPA: 3.53.

• Berklee College of Music: Made it to the Dean’s List for Winter, Spring, and Fall 2021, Winter, and Spring 2022.

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